CEO, Photographer, mind behind the HANDSOME CUPCAKES.


What exactly does the HANDSOME CUPCAKES mean?

HANDSOME CUPCAKES  is….  something I wanted to create a thought  of beauty without tunnel vision  I want you as you are  to show your personality through photo if I ask you to come into this I ask for you to come in with a open mind and heart I want people to get to know you for you  if you want to know more or join email me at

I’m trying to change the way people view beauty  join the revolution

Kennedy Webster

My assistant


right here is my partner in crime my organizer my behind the scenes while she’s out front you can see she is into slight detail because she has a sweet cam of her own

Sir Thelonious

Fun in the sun with my bestie 029

D eep within his thoughts but light on his feet a gleam in his eyes of waiting uncharted territories with the fearlessness of a child  and taking life full force but so gracefully  at the same time

Elias Sapphire

My not so innocent her dimple is deep enough to drink wine from and the smile that could make the coldest man crumble to his knees begging to climb up her Rapunzel like legs

Tahlia Giove

My artistic flower she breathes life into paint making  beautiful landscapes with her smile and every color can be seen when you hear her speak her personality alone is too beautiful for any painting because it priceless.

Lesbiana Bliss


My Brooklyn bombshell the pulsating concrete jungle gives her this tough exterior but on the inside is something stronger a lioness in her habitat.

Johnny Tsunami

My flowing elixir the mystery behind his swooping ocean of hair that have eyes hiding the childlike mischief leaving wonder and bewilderment of what is to become of such a creature.

Ivory Rose


Quite the abyss you fall in when you look into her poseidon blue eyes, where you feel a mixture of fear and self loathing that it took you so long to find someone to make you feel the way you do now.

Pizza Vandale

He scrolls down the street pizza in hand taking a bite out of this thing we call life with just an added sweetness of crust that makes every moment like a crumb you either pick up dust it off or don’t even notice.

Miko Rico

The switching and swaying of each movement is as graceful as a swan and as quick as a fish, but even after this fish is out of the water this rare breed could adapt and keep it moving as if nothing has changed.

Belvedere Volpe’

My french cuisine flying overseas on his mustache flying and dipping over paradise where the clouds are the color of wine showering only sweet berries while he sips on the sweet juice of life.

Butter Blaize

The shimmery smooth flow of a golden sun river eyes hangs a girl looking into her thoughts leaving an impression that you are looking at Pocahontas without the Disney.

Electrick Cheetah

Just out of view lies this savannah dweller an oh so quiet beast that in a way could confuse you on how much she would shock you.

Black Lagoon

The swaying of her wishing well thoughts have you looking into the water that is so green and not knowing what will arise from these waters.

Honey Brown

The radiant glow of sunset melts and fuses with the honey like elixir that leaves you with the sweet dew tingling taste buds but just a hint of embers from the burn.

Sir SmoothLove Tabernacle

The turntable like smile keeps you swaying to the beat of his animated energy has your head pounding from the speakers in your mind blown.

Exquisite Damsel

ebony temptress with ivory teeth there she waits to get carried off in her chariot by her night in shining armor, she waits in her tower when she swoops in your mind ever so gently

Subtle Disaster


Creeping into the night leaving slight whispers in the mannerism of dark desire that leaves the room a bit more chaotic than before.

Vanity Slave

A WHOAmen who holds herself bounded buy the materialistic  but only in the mirror but her mind and soul glows and she is a slave to true beauty.

Annuit Coeptis

The thoughts of seeing green goes into those deep brown pools where the smile can either strengthen you or poison you.

Chocolate Chaos

My girl next door that likes to close them and go out and see the world with that sweet smile and adventurous mind you can’t call it a crime for being cute while out causing mischief

Musical Mystic

the thoughts inside this mind runs deep as the chords he plays shape shifting from one muse to another having you in awe at this personal concert

The Golden Fish

swimming on top of  pavement floating through spaces you never thought could exist paying attention to the things people don’t notice and master it with dare devil like skills that throw other into peril when he smiles accepts the fear with open fins.

Auday Rainbow

The sunshine in her smile  color in her every movement as still as it is seems to be  in a prism of just her eyes that trap you and have you endlessly looking how to get to this pot of gold.

Complex Optimist

eyes always look up towards thoughts and things that have yet to be created but he is always reaching for the stars oh but it’s the kind that he has put there.

Zarah Rose

This one will have you just tad confused you first watch this beautiful grow and seems so sweet but then the fieriness of her thorns leave you imitated it’s ok she wont’ hurt you…. too much

Hep Stone

A world class travel inquiring the thoughts from all around her with her eyes and her spirituality being a practical chaos all in one.

Chi Chi Stone

Tough guy with the sweetest eyes it seems to be like a twisted innocence like a Tim Burton film but you might not want to skip a few parts in this movie you might miss something.

Ashley Bomber

So sweet looking you might want to take a bite but be careful if you set this one off the wrong way it might explode .

Marvin Mcmuffin

This one is quite the wise cracker always baking up new jokes that keeps you lingering in that fresh bread smell.

Mysterious Butterfly

“MYSTERIOUS…..First image of me to most humans difficult or impossible to understand explain or even identify  BUTTERFLY ……. butterflies go threw a number of transitions but each step of the way they carry on embracing it unquestionably they represent faith celebration lightness time soul transition resurrection freedom “

Flaming Phoenix

AJnyce t$m

This one has  a website for her alter ego check her out



Sprinkle Charms


Lisa Renea


Darlene Arrington


Bella Blanca


Zahirah Mahasin


more coming soon*