Dan Reardon x Alex Cowell

Met up with friend and photographer Alex Cowell to take pictures of  Dan Reardon to know more about him and his music  check out his website    http://danreardonmusic.com/fr_splashpage.cfm

Adventure Time with Alex Cowell

Met up with my friend and photographer Alex Cowell to take pictures of the lovely DJ Euphoric at Village Music World and from there just had a random day walking all over the city… Continue reading

Kitten Fest 2013

This year I was too busy enjoying myself to take too many pictures but here is a few from what I have captured in a place I only feel harmony surrounded by music… Continue reading

The Glass Kids.

Great day with these two cuties here is some of what I captured.


Hep Stone

Bronx Zoo

Had some fun at the Bronx  Zoo here is what I captured.

Halcyon Riders

Was hanging out with my brother and his crew here is a few pictures from what I captured.

Another year with you my dear

I got to capture my little cousin on his special day check him out and some of the other things captured that day.

Drew is two

I was asked to capture a kid I have known from since he came home from the hospital here is some pics of this little guy and his day.