AJnyce t$m This one has a name already because she started her alter ego career with her lyrics check her out. check her sounds


Flaming Phoenix Are  you sure you don’t  want to join?

Comic Con 2012

I was quite happy to be able to experience COMIC  CON it is a photographer dream land (well at least in my head) these were some of the people I saw that I think were just killing it. I… Continue reading


Mysterious Butterfly You sure you don’t want to join?

Three Handsome Cupcakes

I got a three in one special for you guys I have two new and one you might have seen before so introducing to you… Ashley Bomber Marvin Mcmuffin are you sure you don’t… Continue reading

Day in the life of the The Josh Craig

Yes he is one of my Handsome Cupcakes but…… when he is not hanging out with me he is doing his own thing and his own thing is fun. I followed him around… Continue reading

Duality Cupcakes

Hep Stone and Chi Chi Stone these two are yin and yang I could not separate  these two for my life so enjoy them… a combination platter of cupcaking flavours are you sure you don’t want… Continue reading


Zarah Rose  Are you sure you don’t want to join?


Complex Optimist are you sure you don’t want to join?

A day in a life of Simply Complex

I was just having a good day and I want to share my eyes with you enjoy…. this one is cool because this is an off-road motor controlled truck and it was driven… Continue reading