Auday Rainbow You sure you don’t want to join?


The Golden Fish you so sure you don’t want to join?


Kennedy Webster What is  so difference about this young lady more than the other cupcakes? well she is my assistance and a force to be reckoned with watch out for her behind the scenes and just frequently……  she… Continue reading


Musical Mystic also he is in a band called Acrassicauda  pretty good stuff check them out are you sure you don’t want to join?


Chocolate Chaos My sweet adventure.

Halloween and cupcake mix

I love Halloween…. I was taking photos here and there all weekend and I know I have been gone but now I am back and I bring you what I saw and also there… Continue reading

I have been gone

I know I have been M.I.A but the artist life means I have to pay for things if you guys have not known before you will now I finally got my very own camera I… Continue reading

Endless Summer

It’s about that time when the weather changes and the season seem to fade almost in front of thee so I bring here a few moments I collected from summer hope you enjoy… Continue reading

Jersey Money X Handsome Cupcakes

I have known these guys for a good majority teen/young adult  life these are my brothers and friends but recently they have been pushing pretty dope music and I told them they should let me do… Continue reading


Jay Frames he is my new guy on the photography aspect of what I’m doing it’s good to have different views on eyes on us so here is how he viewed me (I… Continue reading