Two cupcakes one fam

Annuit Coeptis Vanity Slave c i I love all of you keep it up You sure you don’t want to join?

Exquisite Damsel

She is now married and I can be nothing but proud of her I wish I had a proper cam but I worked with what I got.  Look at my beauty =) just… Continue reading

Florescent Reality

I have not blog in quite sometime but had time today to  just sit back and have things that were on my  mind on here to showcase the beauty I find even in… Continue reading

Change from Simple to Complex

Well I was having quite the issue for sometime and going back and forth about my hair and I tried many different ways on  how to go about it (before the cut) and… Continue reading

I give you three

Honey Brown Sir SmoothLove Tabernacle Exquisite Damsel You still sure about not joining?

Two Cupcakes one show.

I recently went to go see two of my cupcakes in a fashion show and when I walk in I pick up a flyer with and pamphlet and they are on the cover… Continue reading

I love working with women.

Hope you like variety.


Black Lagoon

No Service Project

I was just hanging out with the gang for the day and I must say I love their energy it’s the kind of people you can’t stop laughing around or making yourself dizzy… Continue reading

Beautiful Beginnings

I was just at work and I realize they are fun things to capture  so take a look at what I get to hang out with.